Story using 15 different words I learnt.

“Why is it you STOPP’ST of me?” he asked. This reason was for Tyler to tell his Father he will not be a Tottenham player like his father,Mark, but will play for his dream team-Arsenal.

“Father, although you are a close KIN, I feel that I should follow my dreams and I have decided to sign the 4 year contract with Arsenal for £275,000 a week. This is a once in a life time opportunity and I had no choice but to take it,” Tyler QUOTH.

” Why do you act like a LOON you stupid boy. Never go to Arsenal. They are full of nonsense and that is the end of it!”

Tyler was distraught. He went up to the sixth floor of his fathers mansion and then thought. Why listen to him. He is a grown man and he didn’t need his father telling him what to do. That thought stuck with him throughout the night and it was all he could dream about. Playing for Arsenal and scoring a debut goal  in front of all the opposing fans and laughing at them. It was amazing and he sighed when dusk finally rolled around.

“Post for you Tyler!” Mark exclaimed. Tyler sprinted down the stairs and grabbed the letter out of his hand. He peeked inside the envelope and saw the top bit of the Arsenal badge. He had the choice but CHUSE to go upstairs to his room for privacy. He braced himself. It was great news, he made the starting line up and was to attend training at 10:00. But it was 9:15. He chucked on a pair of tracksuit and sprinted out of the door without his father noticing.

“Have to go somewhere dad,” he SPAKE as he sprinted of into the distance. There was only 5 minutes before training and he was 2 miles away. Sprinting for his life he ran into the nearest 24 hour and got a bottle of water and dropped £1 onto the counter. He was off again. Powering down the road. Drivers were going at 20mph and were being passed by him. He would be ther with hardly anyime to spare. But it was a that moment he heard it. A DIN. It was as he looked to his right he realised. That was a horn signalling he was gonna hit Tyler. Sprintig as fast as he could be missed the car by a few inches and walked back up on to the pavement.He thought to himself that he rather be missing the goal by a few inches than being inches away from death.EFTSOON to that he was off again. Sprinting as if his life depended on it. He made it with 30 seconds to spae nd walked in to see absoloute beauty. Sanchez, Giroud, Xhaka and many more. He started playing and the training match begun. Tyler got passed a beautiful through ball and struck with enough power to break the net. Arsenal stood there, astounded. He had just scored against Petr Cech as if he was shooting agaist a 1 year old. He shrugged and played on. The final score was 2-4 to Tyler’s team and he left with a pat on the back and a,

” Welcome to the club,” from the manager.

2 days later- After beating Liverpool 2-1- another letter came. He opened it. A bundle of £50 and £20 notes. As if there was no way of putting his day down, his dad walked into his room.

” What it sitting in THOU’S hand?”

“My first wage for arsenal.”

His dad looked more proud then anything, surprising. He opened his arms and hugged Tyler. This was the first time in a few years that he had done this genuinely.

“WHEREFORE have you got this?”

” I played in the match against Liverpool.”

” I couldn’t be more proud of you.” Tyler could tell that he was telling the truth.

The next day Tyler was back at training. As he was about to kick the ball to get it on the pitch, the manager stuck his arm out.

” Hi boss. For what reason is it that you STOPPETH me.

“You cant train out of uniform.” It was at that moment the manager pulled out the other hand followed by a training kit. Tyler was ordered to go into the changing room and put it on. Once coming out, the group stood in 2 rows clapping him onto the field. After 1.5 hours of training, the match started. It finished at 18:00 on Friday and in the changing one player said,

” Guess what. I’m getting married tomorrow!”

” How des it feel to be a BRIDEGROOM?” Tyler asked

” IT feels good.” Nothing else was said after that.

It was the following Monday and Arsenal were playing the first game and Tyler was on the field for the first time. It was against Tottenham. He could see his dad in the left back position. As he walked onto the pitch ready for training. He could see how SHEEN the whole pitch was. He wasn’t the only new boy because there was another new boy on the Tottenham side. As the match was about to begin the Tottenham boy SWOUND. Medics rushed over and stretchered him off.

As he regained consciousness, he said,

” Did we win. I fainted didn’t I? Of all times! I hope this will ne’er happen again.” As the game came to an end, the goalkeeper flopped a goalkick and left the ball stranded in his own half. Tyler got straight onto it and was 1 on 1. He shot the ball as hard as he could and it was in the net before the keeper even registered to react. It was just like he imagined in his dream. It was like what his dad told him years ago. If you work hard enough, you a achieve anything.