20 unusual words definition: ancient Mariner project

1.Stoppeth- To stop doing someting

2.Thy- Belonging to you

3.wherefore- For what reason

4.Stopp’st- To stop someone or something

5.Thou- You

6.Bridegroom- A man just before and after his wedding

7.Kin- Somebody’s family or relative

8.Din- A loud noise taking more time to go than usual

9.Quoth- To say

10.Loon- A silly or foolish person

11.Eftsoons- To do something soon after something else


13.Spake- Past of speak

14.Bassoon- A long wooden instrument

15.Minstrelsy- To perform something as a minstrel

16.O’ertaking- Landing onto something

17.Prow- The pointed part of a ship

18.sheen- A soft glow on a surface

19.Swound- The action of fainting

20.ne’er- never