Ancient Mariner part the seventh

The first thing that happens in part the seventh of the time if the ancient Mariner is thag he is getting closer and closer to the harbour so now he can see it and there are people there wondering how did he find his way back when his compass would not work and the fact that he hasn’t got decent sails because they are so thin and easily ripable. The second thing that happened in part the seventh is that as he was about to get to the harbout and then the noise under the boat started to sound like dread and he fell out of the boat, but floated like a dead body. At this point I started to think that he is actually dead and he has turned into one of the angels that the dead bodies were. The third thing that happened was that a person rowed into the water and took him out to find he was alive by speaking and it gave him an  awful fright when he realized he was dead. The fourth thing that happened is he got to land and  he had an agonizing pain but once he re told the Storey the pain went. The final thing that happened in the poem was that I’m the months and months of him talking in the story the final part of the poem was that it all took place on the space of 2 minutes.