Wide Reading Project


During the year you will be asked to read a wide range of texts. Using texts studied in class as well as texts you have selected you will also complete a log of the reading process. Overall you will read eight texts including at least six written texts and two visual texts. You will complete log entries on each text and present a report on your findings.

Attached is the outline of your required personal reading project – inside is the guidance you need to make sure your own-choice reading is going to meet the wide reading criteria.

You can always ask your teacher for advice about which texts would be best to concentrate on – and once you’ve read each text, you’ll then be asked to write a journal entry on your blog explaining how it helped develop your understanding of The Individual and Society.

This year everyone in the school will be required to have a ‘book at hand’ – and for English students, it makes a good idea to make that book one that helps you towards this reading project.

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