Ancient Mariner part the sixth summary

The first thing that happened in part the sixth is that it seems there is someone or something looking over the ocean and on the Mariner and that ‘thing’ is causing grievous all of the mysterious things to happen to him. The second thing that happens in part the sixth is that he has woken up to something amazing. These things are that it was a gentle weather, the dead men are standing together and the ship is being propelled along by something underneath the water. This amazes me because so far in the poem if anything good happens, then it is soon followed by something bad, however it seems like this isn’t going to happen. The third thing that happens in this part is that lots of time has passed and nothing has happened so Coleridge is starting to show that the Mariner’s bad luck could be well and truely over. I think that he has chosen a great time for that to happen because I as the reader am starting to feel sorry for the Mariner since all of these bad things have happened and it makes me feel sympathetic. The fourth thing that happened is that whilst this good luck spree has being going on he has started to see the most satisfying thing he will probably ever see. His country. At this point in the poem I feel more than ecstatic for the Marinier because i know now that he has gone through enough pain out at sea and so by finding his land without a compass I feel very happy for the Mariner. The final thing that happened in part the sixth is that gen find out the dead men that were on the boat were actually angels and they were the cause of him getting home safely and pretty much unharmed. As well as this, he feels he can ask for forgiveness and will hopefully get what he is asking for.