Rime of the ancient mariner part the fourth summary

In part the fourth the first thing that happens is actually not in the real story but back to the Mariner telling the story. The first point that happens is when the wedding guest is watching and listening to the mariner telling his story but it is making him feel uncomfortable because of the very strange events that have already took place. I think this because in the poem it says ‘ I fear thee, ancient Mariner! I fear thy skinny hand’ which makes me think that he is almost wanting to get away yet something is almost stopping him.
The second key event that took place was the fact that everyone around him was dead on the ship but creatures lurked in the water. Then he tried to pray but it was as though they were not letting him. I think this because in the poem which reads ‘I looked to heaven, and tried to pray: but or ever a prayer had gusht, a wicked whisper came, and made, my heart as dry as dust’. This made me think that it was like they weren’t letting him pray and the whispers could be saying something like “look what you have done you nasty human being. We shall not allow you to pray at your time of need.” This thought made me think what if the woman that looked like death has cursed him and he can’t get anything he wants for al, of the sins he has committed on this journey into unknown territory.
The third key event in part the fourth is that the bodies lying dead on the floor aren’t exactly dead. Although the souls have left the body it seems that they are almost like zombies. There are many reasons I think they are almost like zombies. For one, when a body dies it begins to rot and starts to smell. However in this poem neither of these have happened they are just lying there doing nothing. Another reason that I think they are almost like zombies is because they can’t actually get up and walk, well not as far as I have read anyway,however as the mariner walked along the boat every single pair of eyes on the boat followed him. If he moved to the right then all of the dead men’s eyes would follow. To back up this there is a stanza in the poem that says ‘The cold sweat melted from their limbs, nor reek or rot did they: the look with which they looked on me, had never passed away’. Because of this I predict that in the parts that are soon to follow the bodies will start being able to move and haunt him in someways or another This could be by the lady looking like death putting them in hid dreams or the bodies just being able to slowly get up and do something to him physically.
The fourth key thing that has happened in this poem is that he saw some water snakes lurking around the boat and he has giving them a blessing. I know this because in the poem it says ‘And I blessed them unaware’. This is very surprising because earlier in part the fourth, he tried to pray but the world just didn’t let him, however somehow he has blessed the water snakes that he is watching. I think that the Mariner might be only allowed to pray thing good in others because if he realises that he has blessed them and then tries to pray, I predict that whoever or whatever is not allowing him to pray is going to do it again.
The fifth thing that has happened is not actually in the poem, but something I have been starting to think is getting increasing more true. I think there is something the mariner can do with his eyes that makes things happen to others. Even from part the first there are things to support for example ‘he can not chuse but hear’ which I think can show that he has sort of hypnotised the wedding guest into listening to his story. Another example of this is towards the end of part the third when the 50 men all start dropping dead. Before they drop dead, each one of them look the mariner in the eye. When that was made maybe the eye contact between them and the mariner with his eyes could have killed them for giving him the look. I’m not exactly sure if this is true but I have a feeling it is along the lines of the mariner having a supernatural power. The metaphor I have located is ‘ a spring of love gushed from my heart’. I think it is trying to say he suddenly fell in love with the water snakes. I think this because he blessed them and saying that a spring of love came made me think that he suddenly fell in love with the water snakes.