Christopher Pike Master Of Murder

I have recently just finished a book called Christopher Pike Master Of Murder. It is a great book about a 17 year old boy who is also America’s number 1 author. His girlfriend Shelly Quade is reading his hit series but no one knows who the real author is. One year ago a boy called Harry Paster jumped off of the bridge and died when landing into the lake, or did he. Who killed Harry if he was killed? Why had they done if so? Why would he commit suicide if he did? To read more buy the book or if you are in the school I go to you could get it from the library. I picked up the book and within a few days I was nearly halfway in. It’s a very addictive book. In my opinion, if you haven’t read one of the Christopher pike books then you haven’t read a good book. I urge you to read this book because it is short- only 180 or so pages- and you will love it.