Time of the ancient mariner part the fifth summary

The first key thing that happens in part the fifth is that he woke up on the boat and he saw that the sail was flapping. This meant two different things. One, that there was wind for the first time and two, that the boat would soon start moving again. This is amazing because at this point he has been in a way tortured on this expedition, yet now he has just blessed the water snakes showing that he can pray again and now there is wind in the area that is soon push him along the water.

The second thing that happened is that as if the curse has finally passed, a cloud has started to follow the boat and is only moving in the direction the boat is going. I find this weird because the cloud is directly above them and it is only going towards him and the boat nothing else. I know this because in the poem there is a quote saying’ the Lightning fell with never a jag’ which shows me that he Lightning has gone in a straight line and gone directly towards where the Mariners is. I have a feeling that Samuel Taylor Coleridge is trying to make you sympathise on the Mariner. I am led to believe this because all of these bad things have been happening to the Mariner and as soon as things look to have been looking better this happens. It makes me think that whoever is doing is to him feels he never deserves to be forgiven or even try to be better in order to make him a better person.

The third key thing that happened is that the people who were dead but not really dead got up and started helping the mariner with the sailing but every on of them were still watching them. Then they all dropped and the spirits left there bodies but in the form of sound. The part I am most curious about is once the spirits leave. This is because they somehow must have managed to get in the body before they all raised and helped but made no noise. Another reason I am curious about this is because when they left and started making sounds, it must have felt very upsetting in a way because it was almost that he had people to collaborate with for a while but then they left and were just hovering above him making noise however invisible.

The fourth key thing that happened in part the fifth is that the boat was just sailing but then it started to rock forwards, backwards, left and right but then suddenly it seemed as though to do a huge leap and went crashing onto the water knocking the mariner out. I feel this happened because the thing that has been doing all of this must have just thought to make his life even worse and started making the boat move and finally take one big movement forward that would knock him out and would leave him unconscious. The fifth key thing that happened is that two voices lurked above him talking about him. This was once he had regained consciousness. They were talking about him. I know this because in the poem it says’ is this the man implying  tthat they could see him and were talking about him. What I find the weirdest about this is that they can see him but he can’t see them making it seem as though these two voices are the two that have been causing the ancient mariner all of this misfortune. Are they? I will find out soon


Lines for poetry by heart badge:

I am going to recite the first three stanza’s of the poem in order to achieve the badge. I wish to attempt the badge on Friday but if there isn’t time that is fine since last period was mainly checking for home work.